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I have been remiss in my posts but here are a few samples from this summers fun!


I joined an outdoor painting group yesterday and discovered a awesome location and business – Blue Ridge Daylily Farm. It’s colorful, enormous and staffed by a very friendly crew. Lots of fun and definetly inspiring !

And my own little works in progress …

…happy summertime painting!


This photo was taken on a visit to Los Angeles this past May and prompted this post – how fun was it to look down the street and see this pop of color against the various shades of metal and concrete!



The color orange has a personality that makes you look with out the warning of red – more of  a burst of happy!




Orange Flowers are said to speak of happiness, joy and adventure!



Jane at Random Arts, Saluda, NC choose wisely with her front door…



I used a spray ink to create these little cards:

IMG_1697 IMG_0493



In France, orange lured us in on a trip to the farmers market..

IMG_3806 IMG_3859 IMG_3864


Pumpkins in the Fall and easy one to spot  …IMG_3550


and who could resist an adventure on this two-wheeler! IMG_1106


Have a happy and adventurous summer!!

Summer trips took us coast to coast  this summer. Always a sucker for a good flower photo I tried something new this year looking from the inside of the plant out…a bit tricky when thorns are involved!


Virginia Knock-Out RosesIMG_0515


California Figs & Succulents




California Columbine


Pennsylvania Peionies




New York Million Bells

IMG_0781 IMG_0782



North Carolina Smoke Plant



I have been stationed in Asheville, NC for the past few weeks and thought it would be fun to share some of my moments…as the saying goes you never step in the same river twice so are your steps in this unique little spot …


in our own backyard-IMG_2207




to the local farmers market –IMG_2186


to funky  West Asheville –


experimenting with some assemblage art at a Grovewood Gallery workshop taught by John RichardsIMG_2202





                                                        The mountains calm us and bring us back to our centers…..Thankgoodness for these moments!

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! John Muir

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!
John Muir

First project of the new year…stencil making from craft foam sheet…ready set cut!IMG_1695I took my stencil and using spray inks started playing using different spray combonations, overlapping the stencil and reapositioning it.




After stenciling and allowing them to dry I go back in and use markes, correction pens and white pens to enhance the designs with line designs – aka – doodles! It really is fun to see the difference that the pen and ink enhancements make….

IMG_1689      IMG_1690      IMG_1697

Voila – future cards perhaps – to be continued!


I’ve had a busy fall and hopefully will be back into posting mode for this blog. I have a few photos to start off with from my time away…fall flowers, farmers markets, unexpected art, and butterflies dancing in the fall sunshine…enjoy and happy fall!

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Another painting class -and the outcome is below, I am loving completing a painting each time.  Walking out with a finished piece is a very refreshing feeling!!

I had saved the photo used as the inspiration,for many years, randomly torn out of a magazine because it was something that spoke to me. Always a flower lover, these colors looked so happy and light, I really wanted to try it. We had done single objects but I had not attempted this quantity and was a little intimidated but, kept saying to myself as I painted keep it loose and let the eye complete it…hopefully your’s will !

Enjoy your week and may it be filled with delightful color!

Just back from a trip to France and feeling like it was a dream! We traveled to Paris then drove to a little town of Tavers southwest of Paris to stay for a weekend. Then it was on to Angers to drop of my daughter who is doing a study abroad program there for the month. My husband and I then drove 5 hours south to another small town called Gourdon. We had many day trips to other small towns and cities. The wine, food, scenery and people were all deliciously wonderful!

I will post  a few of my many(!) photos in slide shows the first being our first stop – Tavers with day trips to Beaugancy, Blois and Ambois…this is the Loire Valley where chateaus are plentiful. 

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I have been out of town traveling a bit but always on the prowl for interesting finds…on a trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC I was taken with these wonderful flowers and spaces…

Nature truely is a beautiful artist!!

Happy Summer to you !