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Memorial weekend- if you’re in Asheville, NC make a stop in this historic neighborhood and get a taste of local artisans who create amazing art in their homes and home studios. For more information on the artists and map please go to : Kenilworth Art Studio Tour


Kenilworth Artists  Studio Stroll ~ May 27 & 28 ~ 10am -5pm

I am once again, participating in a studio stroll in the Kenilworth neighborhood of Asheville, NC.  There is great information on the 19 artists participating in this years tour at this link:, along with a map of the studios to visit.

My sheep family was inspired by the mountains I now live with, wrapping around us at every turn.  This  latest work will be on view along with a number of other new pieces for the studio stroll.




A few more samples of what you will find on Buckingham Court! Hope to see you there!

More Plein Air painting at the Asheville Botanical Gardens

An acrylic piece done on Strathmore Mixed Media paper with the Asheville Urban Landscape painting group. IMG_4417

Mark your calendar for this great opportunity to view all kinds of art work and the studios where it was created.  

This is my  second time to participate in this great neighborhood event in Asheville, North Carolina. I join 14 other artists who will be opening up their homes or studios to display, sell and talk about their art. We are all part of the Kenilworth Artists Association.

Come and support your local artisans!


This year at my address – 17 Buckingham Court, two neighbors will join me.  There will be a yard full of art- jewelry, pottery and my own mixedmedia and paintings!

For more information on each artist check out  this link: Kenilworth Artist Associaton.

KAA LayoutKAA map

My stays in Asheville are always filled with amazing sites…some are spectacularly obvious and others hidden gems….here’s my last stroll through the wonderful mountain town and surroundings.

Home Sweet Nest


Honeysuckle Vision


Sunset at the Junction


Farmers Market Blooms


Blue Ridge HorizonsIMG_2218

Hide-aways and best kept secrets

IMG_2223 IMG_2230 IMG_2231

Lucky Number 5


Pink Pops


Holding on


Sweet Pea Beauty


Praying for a Response


Final Destination


Saturday & Sunday ~ May 23 & 24 ~ Memorial Weekend

This year is the first time I am joining in the annual Studio Tour at our Asheville Home. It will be a fun way to display my art and get to know the Asheville Art Community. I will have a varitey of work on display with many for sale. Mostly acrylic and mix media work. There are a lot of fabulous artists joining in the fun please click on the link to see a complete site of the details.




Below is a great piece describing the event:

Kenilworth’s Art Studio Tour returns on Memorial Weekend


Across May 23 and 24, the eclectic and beautiful neighborhood of Kenilworth will again welcome folks in search of inspiration and wondrous finds to the studios of artists and craftspeople who live along the streets and cul-de-sacs of this historic residential area near central Asheville.

In this off-square, hill-and-gully neighborhood, where most roads head up or down, the fresh works of 24 artists showing in 15 locations mirror the same kind of curvilinear eccentricity, intrigue and sheer fun.


Traveling from studio to studio, you will be able to admire highly original works of art, including paintings, sketches, ceramics, wood craft, hand shaped tiles, whimsical sculptures, casual wear, quirky dolls and artful jewelry, among other treasures.


And the stories are as compelling as the pieces—just ask Suzanne and Argenis Spaziani who met in the Andes and now develop stunning silver jewelry; Mike Wurman who sketched his way up the Appalachian Trail; or Ursula Gullow, imaginative painter and assembler of fabulous landscapes.


It will be an adventure in visual delight, running from 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, with an “Art Café” on the lawn of Kenilworth Presbyterian Church, where you can drop by for a van Gogh lunch box from Green Sage Cafe between the studio stops.


A Kenilworth Art Studio Tour brochure containing a listing of each artist and a map of studio locations will be available throughout May at the Chamber of Commerce and in stores and inns across Asheville.  You can also access and/or download this year’s tour map and helpful information at


I have been stationed in Asheville, NC for the past few weeks and thought it would be fun to share some of my moments…as the saying goes you never step in the same river twice so are your steps in this unique little spot …


in our own backyard-IMG_2207




to the local farmers market –IMG_2186


to funky  West Asheville –


experimenting with some assemblage art at a Grovewood Gallery workshop taught by John RichardsIMG_2202





                                                        The mountains calm us and bring us back to our centers…..Thankgoodness for these moments!

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! John Muir

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!
John Muir

I have been out of town traveling a bit but always on the prowl for interesting finds…on a trip to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC I was taken with these wonderful flowers and spaces…

Nature truely is a beautiful artist!!

Happy Summer to you !

I’ve been caught up in travels and anxious to sit back down at my table to do art…but for now I am happy to see such beautiful art in nature all around me…take a peak on a walk in Asheville, NC

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