This photo was taken on a visit to Los Angeles this past May and prompted this post – how fun was it to look down the street and see this pop of color against the various shades of metal and concrete!



The color orange has a personality that makes you look with out the warning of red – more of  a burst of happy!




Orange Flowers are said to speak of happiness, joy and adventure!



Jane at Random Arts, Saluda, NC choose wisely with her front door…



I used a spray ink to create these little cards:

IMG_1697 IMG_0493



In France, orange lured us in on a trip to the farmers market..

IMG_3806 IMG_3859 IMG_3864


Pumpkins in the Fall and easy one to spot  …IMG_3550


and who could resist an adventure on this two-wheeler! IMG_1106


Have a happy and adventurous summer!!