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Blue Winged Owl


Mix-it Monthly Challenge: January Pirates & Waves


A couple of pears




More Plein Air painting at the Asheville Botanical Gardens

An acrylic piece done on Strathmore Mixed Media paper with the Asheville Urban Landscape painting group. IMG_4417

I joined an outdoor painting group yesterday and discovered a awesome location and business – Blue Ridge Daylily Farm. It’s colorful, enormous and staffed by a very friendly crew. Lots of fun and definetly inspiring !

And my own little works in progress …

…happy summertime painting!



This was a piece from Alena Hennessy’s online class “a year of painting II” that I finished up this past year.

We shared collage pieces with other artists in the class using them to inspire a collabrative piece. My fox face, sun and leaves came from Alexis in Oregon I moved these pieces around till the fox image caught my attention and then had fun creating a space for him to play.

First time to do a collabrative piece – great fun!

Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013

It was a beautiful spring day in Virginia and I was treated with a walk in a friends backyard…ironically it was earth day . She had a beautiful labyrinth installed about a year or so ago and another friend helped to landscape it. We met up to see the spring blooms and I got a chance to walk the labyrinth and record the journey. It is such a wonderful refuge to walk this simple path and be wrapped in this beautiful setting. Thanks Lori!








Waiting to greet me at the end of my walk little Libby smiling in the sunshine!


Celebrate Earth Day – Every Day!


IMG_1897Another Glass Mosaic Class captured my attention these past few weeks…

I choose a little owl knob I found in a sale bin  for my inspiration piece. I let it evolve from his pearch which is built from a domino base and an odd found object that I think was a handle. An old door plate highlights his branch. I tried to get the feeling of trees and leaves with the glass…here it is in process…perched and ready.perched and ready...

And the painting begins….


committing with grout …


 nestled in amongst the branches  a finished piece…


I’ve been caught up in travels and anxious to sit back down at my table to do art…but for now I am happy to see such beautiful art in nature all around me…take a peak on a walk in Asheville, NC

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