Who am I? My name is Lisa Murphy. I am an person who has always traveled the creative road. I began drawing and painting as a child, went to college to study graphic design and worked as an art director for 10 years. I put that career aside and began the biggest  challenge and creative project – raising a daughter! She turned out wonderfully and along this 20 year path I  randomly inserted my own projects of making cards, creating birthday parties, taking random art classes, being family photographer, designing yearbooks, home renovations and anything that needed an artistic touch.

My daughter went off to college and I decided to become more active in my personal artistic journey so I began taking a drawing class which led to investigating a local Altered Arts group which led to more classes and workshops and here I am with a  Blog!  I have been enjoying learning about collage and art journals and all sorts of collateral techniques and projects.  I contiue with classes and find them very helpful as prompts to projects and paintings.

Enjoy the show and please let me know if you have an interest in any of it!