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I have been remiss in my posts but here are a few samples from this summers fun!


Blue Winged Owl


Mix-it Monthly Challenge: January Pirates & Waves


A couple of pears



Fancy Feathers-Owls

Adding another owl piece, I can’t stop seeing these faces – they keep peaking out at me!
I had fun creating this background with collage, acrylics and stencils and then poof they appeared. They are a fun pair with their “Fancy Feathers” – enjoy!

IMG_1063As part of a lesson on reworking a piece you aren’t happy with I discovered this wise and wonderful owl friend…I had tossed aside this tree and moon acrylic painting from months ago. In my Year of Painting class along came a lesson on reworking a painting so I picked it up again – turned it and dug out some old book papers. Here is what happened …he seems to be saying…”I was here all along!”