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Just a quick new year greeting – be joyful – be creative – be you!


~collage fun to kick off the new year~



Homage to our life chapter in San Francisco….

A few months ago I took a workshop based around collage/assemblage/ shrine boxes. I had always wanted to do a piece based on San Francisco due to the fact that our daughter was born there. But as I dug around in all my buried treasures at home to work with my theme I realized how this west coast adventure altered our lives in many ways….IMG_2581

Starting with a cigar box and a beautiful Cavalleni Paper I began piecing four years of our family history together. 

front:  IMG_2583


detail:IMG_2580 IMG_2584I also had a few loose cabinet cards that were a treasured gift from my favorite art teacher – Jane – Thanks Jane!  Trying to capture my time line and engineer the cards and items to work together proved to be a challenge!

If you are familar with California History or follow baseball history you will see that – yes we lived through a BIG ONE!  We had moved to San Francisco in the summer of 1989 following my husbands hotel career path to the Stanford Court Hotel.  IMG_2585We were enchanted with the landscape – it was our first time to really experience the west coast and San Francisco. When you move to a new area you always hear the local crowd tell you what the weather is like in the area etc…well in CA of course we were worried about earthquakes and heard ” oh you feel them all the time ” ….no big deal ….right? Well a 7.1 we found out is a pretty big deal! IMG_2591

We stood in line to find our seats at the World Series Game at Candlestick Park and were rocked to our core. The earth roared – literally and waved like the ocean – it was no special hollywood effect it was the real thing.IMG_2598


This was some welcome to California but it would not upstage our next event – the arrival of our precious baby daughter. We treasured every second of her arrival and how this was something that would change how we really looked at the world.IMG_2588IMG_2592IMG_2593


We spent the next three years raising our daughter and experiencing the wonderful life the city and bay area provides. Aside from the earthquakes it was a truely wonderful place that provided us with some treasured memories that we can now be prompted by  with this shrine. IMG_2587The extras in this piece all have ties to our memories: the Beringer cork is a reminder of our fabulous trips to the wine country and Shannon taking her first steps in the Beringer tasting room,  with Shannon we learned to chase butterflies and look for ladybugs (also her first halloween costume was a ladybug), the spoon is a thrift store find fitting because it seemed the size of a baby spoon,IMG_2594the paper umbrella reminding us of our days in the city living near Chinatown, and passages about friends which we had a wonderful network of and were so important to us since our family all resided on the east coast. The last frame I made into a pocket of postcards that were cards I had saved from my mother (a note in her handwritting a treasure in itself!) and husband that they had sent years before we ever thought of the possibility of living there – how ironic! IMG_2596






Looking at the end of  the summer season closing in, I decided to give some highlight to the butterflies in my stash of photos…IMG_0811… photography was by me – nothing unusual but the capturing of these moments I can not resist…I can’t imagine someone not  glancing and following a butterflies flight, to me it’s magic.

IMG_0813 IMG_0810 IMG_0732



Their coloring and grace let you take a few seconds to glide through time – even if it’s just a few moments  we escape into their flight.


I heard on a radio report that there was a renaissance of butterflies this year – I believe it was due somewhat to the weather conditions, and I did see a wider variety of sizes and types.   I just thought it may have been what ever was planted in that pacticular setting, little did I know that it was a “Renaissance”! Yeah for the butterflies !

playing with my photo

playing with my photo


a pintrest post that I could n't track back to origin but here's a  link

a pintrest post that I could n’t track back to origin but here’s a link


I hope everyone takes a pause and watches them dance through the air…..



I’ve had a busy fall and hopefully will be back into posting mode for this blog. I have a few photos to start off with from my time away…fall flowers, farmers markets, unexpected art, and butterflies dancing in the fall sunshine…enjoy and happy fall!

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