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I joined an outdoor painting group yesterday and discovered a awesome location and business – Blue Ridge Daylily Farm. It’s colorful, enormous and staffed by a very friendly crew. Lots of fun and definetly inspiring !

And my own little works in progress …

…happy summertime painting!


August is rolling along and I thought I would post a few summer projects. First in the line up is a collage piece from my on-line class: A Year of Painting with Alena Hennesy. The assignmente was to create your own collage papers and then use them to create a new piece. I used acrylic inks and gel pens to finish it out.IMG_2206


This little creature is ode to the rabbit family that nested in our back yard – fortunatly for my flowers they have moved next door to the neighbors yard!


The summer brought with it two amazing trips to the Malibu Canyons to see this amazing sunset…show stopper…DSC00104

and a nephews woodland wedding…DSC00310

Always a treat are the summer blooms I can never get enough of!IMG_2418


Happy Summer Time!

My stays in Asheville are always filled with amazing sites…some are spectacularly obvious and others hidden gems….here’s my last stroll through the wonderful mountain town and surroundings.

Home Sweet Nest


Honeysuckle Vision


Sunset at the Junction


Farmers Market Blooms


Blue Ridge HorizonsIMG_2218

Hide-aways and best kept secrets

IMG_2223 IMG_2230 IMG_2231

Lucky Number 5


Pink Pops


Holding on


Sweet Pea Beauty


Praying for a Response


Final Destination


In Miami enjoying the Wynwood Walls Art District – creativity flowing from street to street…and a great look at new work by Peter Tunney – Time Capsules…










January is upon us and here we go with new projects and classes. 

I am participating in Alena Hennesy’s Year of Painting II – I enjoyed the last years class so much I dove in again!

This is my latest on aqua board with inks and feather prints.

I had some inspiring moments to start off the year during a trip to Los Angeles…a room full of Warhol at MOCA, the arts district and good food and fun!IMG_1678 IMG_1683 IMG_1682 IMG_1677 IMG_1676 IMG_1659

Inspiration is all around us …


not a fan of the falling temperatures …but the falling leaves and colors are wonderful!

It’s fun to see how things work into your art – here is a recent project that I completed

echoing the colors of the season…

A glass mosaic staring a chandelier pendant and brass drawer pull

IMG_0979 IMG_0978 IMG_0977 IMG_0980

Enjoy Mother Nature – you never know where she will inspire you!





This photo was taken on a visit to Los Angeles this past May and prompted this post – how fun was it to look down the street and see this pop of color against the various shades of metal and concrete!



The color orange has a personality that makes you look with out the warning of red – more of  a burst of happy!




Orange Flowers are said to speak of happiness, joy and adventure!



Jane at Random Arts, Saluda, NC choose wisely with her front door…



I used a spray ink to create these little cards:

IMG_1697 IMG_0493



In France, orange lured us in on a trip to the farmers market..

IMG_3806 IMG_3859 IMG_3864


Pumpkins in the Fall and easy one to spot  …IMG_3550


and who could resist an adventure on this two-wheeler! IMG_1106


Have a happy and adventurous summer!!

Summer trips took us coast to coast  this summer. Always a sucker for a good flower photo I tried something new this year looking from the inside of the plant out…a bit tricky when thorns are involved!


Virginia Knock-Out RosesIMG_0515


California Figs & Succulents




California Columbine


Pennsylvania Peionies




New York Million Bells

IMG_0781 IMG_0782



North Carolina Smoke Plant



I am continuing a study of color that started last month with a pop of red.


This time it I am feeling blue!




One of my all time favorite colors…I love everything from the sea to the sky.P1000015

looking up has always been fun to find the blue blanket that wraps around usIMG_1291 IMG_1292


blue accents are always alluringIMG_1299 IMG_4072 IMG_1053IMG_2298

from nature to architecture blue is always a calming but dramatic touchIMG_0482 IMG_0481 P1000909 IMG_1306 P1000538 IMG_4243


go and be blue!

A recent trip to Scottsdale, AZ gave me the opportunity to see this amazing Chihuly exhibit.


The Desert Botanical Gardens of Phoenix did not disappoint!

The glass installments were amazing untoo themselves in daylight -seeing how they interacted with the desert environment …   IMG_4473      IMG_0276  …entangled with cactus and contrasted against the mountains and blue sky …IMG_0285

IMG_4459       IMG_4462       IMG_4452




But to stay till dusk and see them illuminated was spectacular!IMG_0296The scenes were transformed into a magical surreal world that amazed at every turn.IMG_4562 IMG_4561IMG_4547

IMG_0293IMG_0314 IMG_0312 IMG_0297

We took a break at the gardens restaurant …IMG_0290 …not a Chihuly but fun in its own special way   😀

The Desert Delights Abound!IMG_4496 IMG_4495 IMG_4492