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Two recent pieces from this fall….both mixed media pieces with ink, acrylic, collage and pen&ink…a shout out to Alena Hennessy and her Year of Painting II online class along with her Autumn Soul Retreat. IMG_2934

This little grasshopper appeared at the Soul Retreat happened in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The moutains were a perfect backdrop for inspiration as was guest artist Mati Rose who taught us some techniques for collage. The grasshopper has a bit of a back story: we had done a spirit animal meditation prior to going to paint and I was not convinced about my thoughts. Upon arriving in the studio here is what awaited me ~

IMG_2776 IMG_2777

How could I ignore such a greeting! As the details of his spirit were told to me by a friend, it became more apparent that his visit was not by chance …get off your haunches, jump , you have more power than you know….so here’s to you little guy! ( I still may add verse to it but for now he has found his place!


IMG_1897Another Glass Mosaic Class captured my attention these past few weeks…

I choose a little owl knob I found in a sale bin  for my inspiration piece. I let it evolve from his pearch which is built from a domino base and an odd found object that I think was a handle. An old door plate highlights his branch. I tried to get the feeling of trees and leaves with the glass…here it is in process…perched and ready.perched and ready...

And the painting begins….


committing with grout …


 nestled in amongst the branches  a finished piece…