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Memorial weekend- if you’re in Asheville, NC make a stop in this historic neighborhood and get a taste of local artisans who create amazing art in their homes and home studios. For more information on the artists and map please go to : Kenilworth Art Studio Tour


Here are my pieces I sent on a recent postcard swap …falling leaves….

Mark your calendar for this great opportunity to view all kinds of art work and the studios where it was created.  

This is my  second time to participate in this great neighborhood event in Asheville, North Carolina. I join 14 other artists who will be opening up their homes or studios to display, sell and talk about their art. We are all part of the Kenilworth Artists Association.

Come and support your local artisans!


This year at my address – 17 Buckingham Court, two neighbors will join me.  There will be a yard full of art- jewelry, pottery and my own mixedmedia and paintings!

For more information on each artist check out  this link: Kenilworth Artist Associaton.

KAA LayoutKAA map

A little listening pleasure for you from a favorite spirit of mine….trackunknown…..


Scaring up a  halloween witch ~

flying the dark night skies in search of a good time!

halloween witch

Gouach Resist Technique Taught to me by Jane at Random Arts


Happy Halloween to all!!!


There Was an Old Witch
Halloween Song

There was an old witch
Believe it if you can
She tapped on the windows
And she ran, ran, ran
She ran helter-skelter
With her toes in the air,
Cornstalks were flying
From the old witch’s hair.

Swish goes the broomstick
Meow goes the cat,
Plop goes the hop-toad
Sitting on her hat.

“Whee!” chuckled I,
What fun, what fun!
Halloween night
When the old witch runs.

Our Mixed Media Collabrative Group had a recent challenge to swap envelopes …we designed enough to trade…fun exchange!

Not only was it fun to recieve them at our meeting but now they can go in the mail and be a surprise to someone else! Sharing art has been a great experience with this group and in blogland!

Here are mine created from prints I did in a recent gelli printing class. I used red rosin paper a generous freind, Patty of Magpie’s Nest, supplied me with for the printing. Then I went in with stamps, pen and ink and a few fun travel stickers…lined them with maps …and they are ready to post!

IMG_1032  IMG_1036 IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1033

I did send one from coast to coast, it arrived just fine – so they work!IMG_1037

These are the ones I recevied in my trade from the other members:10418543_10152311315913379_2953174091745860507_n  10600416_10152311315868379_9149124986491681055_n

Snail Mail Alert: Colorful Envelopes on their way!!!


11799910066_065d94eb9e_sI am excited to participate in Kate Sloma – Kat Eye Studio postcard swap

Here’s a sneak at what I will be sending out! Can’t wait to see what I get in exchange! Great way to start off the new year:)IMG_2579

layers of love

layers of love

This is giant heart I started last year by layering book paper, and covering it with pink acrylic paint. That’s as far as I got! This year I started collaging on top of that with valentine treasures and sealed it all in with a layer of wax to give it a soft quality. I think that’s it but who knows what I’ll think when I pull it out next year!

I was digging in to my photo archives and found a few old valentine creations I thought I would share to spread the creative love….

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

All you need

All you need


Happy Valentines Day!!!! Sweet Wishes to All!

With graduations lurking in the months ahead I was inspired to make a few cards from a sheet of mixed media art I produced from a Strathmore Workshop. I cut up the sheet and got out some transfers I thought might look good against the flowing backgrounds. Voila – inspiration hit and here they are.

At our last monthly meeting, our mixed media colabrative experimented with making fusion paper. I first panted a muslin fabric with water colors then began layering other fabric bits, book paper, napkins and printed tissue paper with a glue/water mix. I made a large sheet and then cut it down into these card size pieces to wish a few friends a Happy Spring!

PS – couldnt resist adding a few embelishments too.:)

 two more.

I experimented with some stains and added from there with stamps and gesso and doodlesa and book text and then(phew!) sewed it all together for some cards! All in all a fun day… enjoying the journey!