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Our Mixed Media Collabrative Group had a recent challenge to swap envelopes …we designed enough to trade…fun exchange!

Not only was it fun to recieve them at our meeting but now they can go in the mail and be a surprise to someone else! Sharing art has been a great experience with this group and in blogland!

Here are mine created from prints I did in a recent gelli printing class. I used red rosin paper a generous freind, Patty of Magpie’s Nest, supplied me with for the printing. Then I went in with stamps, pen and ink and a few fun travel stickers…lined them with maps …and they are ready to post!

IMG_1032  IMG_1036 IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1033

I did send one from coast to coast, it arrived just fine – so they work!IMG_1037

These are the ones I recevied in my trade from the other members:10418543_10152311315913379_2953174091745860507_n  10600416_10152311315868379_9149124986491681055_n

Snail Mail Alert: Colorful Envelopes on their way!!!



Our Mixed-Media Collabrative got together for it’s montly meeting today – our project of the day was altering photos. I have quiet the stash of photos that I take to use for cards or to draw and paint from so I dug them out and had fun playing. We tried sanding,spraying with bleach, applying alcohol inks, rubbing with ink, scratching into, and stamping on. The most interesting thing that happened was that the more you played witht them the more they took on a whole new life of their own. I really enjoyed it and will continue to experiment. For now here are the three I experimented with:

This one I was happiest with – the original was of the flowers on a stone wall, unfortunatly I could not find the original…


next a french couple took on a new look…


Here is the original for the one above – obviously cropped a bit


Here a little street scene from Jerome,AZ got a nostagalic look…IMG_2129



This old Key West House got a painted sky and butterflies to add to it’s atmosphere…perhaps Hemingway stayed here! (original not found)IMG_2344



I experimented with some stains and added from there with stamps and gesso and doodlesa and book text and then(phew!) sewed it all together for some cards! All in all a fun day… enjoying the journey!

A recent meeting of our “Mixed Media Collabrative” art group set in motion this recent project.

I used or should say upcycled some old tags I had saved and began arranging  then prepard a background of strips of security envelopes which I used some tints to bring color into the project.

Next I used stencils ink, sprays and gesso to create back grounds on the tags, then I applied some design elements with stamps and hand journaling to bring it all together.

Voila – my first piece of the new year!

Enjoy the Journey!