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This was my recent piece that I used in the annual post card swap, hosted by Kat Sloma, called “LiberateYour Art”.  Participants send five postcards to enter the swap. Kat and helpers send your cards to five other participants which means I received five plus one from Kat , cards in the mail!!

Here is a short video hightlighting a sampling of cards from the swap that went not only across the US but internationally as well….(you will see my lion in here as well:)…


Here are the post cards I recieved in my mail box!IMG_3952

Left Column:

Jane Ross, VA

Tessa Klein  –

Bruno Barbey –

Right Column:

Marrianna Dougherty, AZ  –

Kat Sloma, OR

Jacinta – jmirishart


Thanks to all and especially to Kat Sloma – looking forward to next year!!



As the new season arrived so did my new art class: 2d Mixed Media. We were given the assignment to create something with type and then explore ways to age or distress the images. I used old dictionery pages to start my surface off – using gel medium to adhere to a box canvas. I added gridded dry wall tape to explore the texture it would add. (see side view)  I placed a quote I liked by Steve Jobs as a focal piece then took gesso to it in random spots. I brought out a flourished stencil and added acrylic paint to frame in the quote. I finished it off by using another mask stencil of a compass – this I painted on seperate pieces of the dictionary pages and ripped out the image to be able to play with the placement on the final piece. I actually went into the compass elements with a permanent pen to bring out the detail and add some hand drawn detail. Here it is….

Side view showing the texture of the wall tape