A recent trip to Scottsdale, AZ gave me the opportunity to see this amazing Chihuly exhibit.


The Desert Botanical Gardens of Phoenix did not disappoint!

The glass installments were amazing untoo themselves in daylight -seeing how they interacted with the desert environment …   IMG_4473      IMG_0276  …entangled with cactus and contrasted against the mountains and blue sky …IMG_0285

IMG_4459       IMG_4462       IMG_4452




But to stay till dusk and see them illuminated was spectacular!IMG_0296The scenes were transformed into a magical surreal world that amazed at every turn.IMG_4562 IMG_4561IMG_4547

IMG_0293IMG_0314 IMG_0312 IMG_0297

We took a break at the gardens restaurant …IMG_0290 …not a Chihuly but fun in its own special way   😀

The Desert Delights Abound!IMG_4496 IMG_4495 IMG_4492