Happy New Year to All ~ Wishing you all a Year of Discovery


I traveld this past December and enjoyed the holidays

IMG_3246on the West Coast


I soaked up the sunshine and warm temps


and searched out the holiday spirit


amongst the California setting.IMG_3272

I also go to read a lot of posts and was really drawn to this:

Surround yourself with people that understand your nature and nurture that connection. 

From: Survival Tools for the Super Sensitve Souls

Over the past few years I have developed some wonderful relationships among the artists in my community and am so thankful to beinging given this opportunity to be with people who do understand and realte to what I work on. It is such a great feeling to have these people in my life.  So thank you friends and family – it means alot!

Now for some art! I have started off the new year enlisted in an online class called “A Year of Painting” by Alena Hennessy. She started us off by having us take a moment to write down intintions for the year and class and come up with a word to use in our piece. My word is “Discover” as I wish to discover new techniques and art and hopefully discover a style that I feel is unique to me. Here is the first mixed media piece I did for the class~


Enjoy a year of discovery!

I know this is a full to the brim post but there was so much I wanted to share in anticipation of a new year starting! One last piece and then I’m done  –  this video that comes via the above link also…it is so much fun to sit and watch the sky as a canvas …I have always been captivated by the scenes of the sky. Enjoy: Yosemite HD