In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to share the story and work of a photographer I met as a sophmore in college, Brian Nice. He was that guy that always made you laugh and is a part of many of my fun college memories.  I lost touch with him after we left RIT pursuing our own paths. I recently picked up our alumni magazine and was taken a back with a story they ran about him and the cross country team he had been a part of.  I knew he had become a successful fashion photographer but the rest was astounding. As he recovers as a Traumatic Brain Injury pateint I wish him continued strength and endurance and hope you will share in a moment and look at his work.

To B. Nice -Peace.nice-photography-011


Link to his blog:

NY Times Article about his story 

RIT News Article – Forever a Team

Just before all this happened in his life he put together a book to benefit rescue dogs – a wonderful and touching book: Rescue Tails. If you would like to help take a look – it is wonderful and a peak at an artists heart.rescue_tails