A recent workshop with a wonderful art teacher at our local community center led to anexploration of working with beeswax and collage. Jane brought a melting pot from her crayon batik class so there were wonderful colors to add to the works which were basically being done with my tiny crockpot full of melted white beeswax .

On the piece above I added mesh netting and microbeads to top of the collage- I loved working in different textures. When I get stuck on a piece I challenge myself to move forward by looking for different ways to add texture.

I moved on to an angle/goddess pattern I have been carrying around with me for quite a few years waiting for her moment. I had difficulty with the faces and plan on trying again on them (the beauty of wax is that I can melt and lift and change- yeah!) So any comments on direction would be great – one the face went to dark and the other I just dont like the blankness….thoughts?


IMG_2061I worked on two canvas that I had printed in a geli monoprint session – the orange backgrounds, the gold background is a mesh type odd scrap from a very generous friend – thanks Patty! The pink is added wax from the crayon melting pots.  The musical gal is still calling to me for more work.

In both the angels I used items that were treasures from a paper swap I did this past year that brought me a package of bits and bobs from South African Artist: Barbara Philip. She is honored in these pieces through the feathers and flowers…thank you Barbara hope you are well!


One last piece that pairs nicely with the angle above is just a collage that evolved simultanously as I worked on the girls…enjoy and suggestions are welcome!