Prayer Flag Swap

This month our Mixed-Media Collabrative Group had a prayer flag swap…we all made flags measuring roughly 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ with 3″ pockets along the top back to allow for stringing.  We tried to incorporate warm and inspirational thoughts into our pieces to fly in the wind out to others.

I began with fabric I had printed using geli mold monoprints then enhancing the designs with sewing, beads, hand stamped words and phrases,  hand drawing with permanent pen, ribbons and lace. I hung my pieces in my art room prior to the meeting to get a feel for how they would hang and flow….



Here is what I got in exchange – the positive energy felt in handling these beautiful pieces is amazing – I can’t wait to find a spot to watch them in the wind.


Now I will have Peace from Patty:


Motherly Love from Andrea:


A Joyful Heart from Susan:IMG_1881

And Serenity from Sandy:IMG_1880Thank you to all these inspirational women I am so happy to have in my life !