My interest was peaked after a visit to Lawendula’s back in Novemeber. She had posted a “Yummy Papers” swap that I couldn’t resist. It was my first time to participate in a swap via the internet so I anxiously awaited the instructions and who I would be matched up with. I had no idea it would be an international connection! I was put in touch with a woman from Germany – we contacted each other and exchanged mailing addresses and both determined the holidays were a busy time but it would be great fun to exchange an envelope of papers. We collected things through the month of December and when January arrived off my package went to Germany. Here is what I sent to my paper swap pal in Europe:

Yummy Papers leaving for Germany!

Yummy Papers leaving for Germany!

It included everything from food lables, napkins and my own personal photos to stamps and cards.

Meanwhile in Germany, Karen was doing the same and in Mid January I found this wonderful package in my mailbox – so much fun to open and look at all the treasure!IMG_1750


….On to January Swap….I had caught the bug and was taken in by the next theme for Lawendula’s swap – “Crazy Papers”  What fun! I was matched up this time with an artist from South Africa who lived a very different life than mine. She is the wife of a sheep farmer living in a remote area and an extremely talented artist

Here are the “crazy papers and treasers” I collected and sent to Barbara:IMG_1699

A wonderful package arrived from South Africa for me a short time after that was sent. It was FILLED with wonderful pieces including a wonderful assortment of small copies of her personal work – what a wonderful exposure to her world. Here is a peak at what showed up in my mailbox:IMG_1774

notice the porcupine quills, seeds and feathers – even a leaf skelaton!

IMG_1775This was certainly a fun, fun, exchange between two people I otherwise would never been exposed too! It is so much fun to experience these moments! Thanks to Karen and Barbara for a great experience and to LaWendlua for putting it all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!