Our Mixed Media Collabrative group met this past sunday and plugged in our wax pots to experiment and play. I had pack my bags with “food art” to keep me on a themed path. Being a lover of food I have ample stash of fun stuff, even my daughter will now look at me in a restaurtant and ask do you want to save it for the lable?! So with my folder of foodie pieces in tow I set down to collage on an 8X8 hardboard surface, first gluing with a glue stick, my labels and pieces. When all was in place I took a wide brush- dipped into the wax and then made one pass over the piece – the second overlapping the first only by about a 1/4″ then kept going…all around the piece. I placed the teabag tags and gold mesh on last coating them with another layer of wax, givining it an other texture and dimension. Note: this is a link to a good intro to what I did CPS is way better at explaining than I am! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA5mmGij9ps&feature=related  Here  is my end result front and sides –