Another workshop provides me with an opportunity to use some “saved objects”. I had discovered some old house numbers in a garden shed on a recent renovation project and stashed them in a treasure box with other gems like the door knobs and hinges and pieces of who-knows -what! So as I walked into this Clock-in-a-Box workshop at our local community center art space I had hopes of using some of my stash. We were provided with a cigar box and the clock piece and let loose to design and craft away!

Front View

The numbers were origianlly a black metal which I aged with paint thanks to Michael DeMengsrecipes. I had an old acetate sheet with images similar to wall paper flourishes which I liked as a back ground on top of the wood surface. From there a whole lot arranging and rearranging happened !

back door opens to reveal the clock setting

I used a metalic flourished napking collaged on the sides and top with a little bit of type and butterfly images  mixed in to brighten it up. Then I drilled, nailed and glued the accrutraments in place! Tick- Tock it’s complete….

side & front

side view & back


back view