As the new season arrived so did my new art class: 2d Mixed Media. We were given the assignment to create something with type and then explore ways to age or distress the images. I used old dictionery pages to start my surface off – using gel medium to adhere to a box canvas. I added gridded dry wall tape to explore the texture it would add. (see side view)  I placed a quote I liked by Steve Jobs as a focal piece then took gesso to it in random spots. I brought out a flourished stencil and added acrylic paint to frame in the quote. I finished it off by using another mask stencil of a compass – this I painted on seperate pieces of the dictionary pages and ripped out the image to be able to play with the placement on the final piece. I actually went into the compass elements with a permanent pen to bring out the detail and add some hand drawn detail. Here it is….

Side view showing the texture of the wall tape