In my monthly art group – Mixed Media Colabrative, we did a matchbox swap. A kitchen size match box was filled with “ingredients” and swapped with another member to take home and alter/create. The box I recieved was filled with a childs white glove, hearts and buttons and ephemra prints of nursery rhymes. It also held a note that the box was to be themed “Sweetness”…so here is what I came up with:

Front and Back of the box…I covered the box with polka dot paper and cut the flap, as I set it back for me to look at I came up with the idea of a little purse…You pull the tab to slide the interior box out which I made into a little accordian booklet displaying the Nursery Rhyme pictures. The back side of the accordian is painted with white paint using the large piece of sturdy lace as a stencil.




I added the papers, dried lavender and the plastic decorative swirls but other than that it was all the “Sweet” ingredients that were presented to me. I titled it: “Ready to go”