Here she is ladies and gentlemen…Flora, the interactive art doll…a heart of gold and a purse containing the key to her


In our monthly “Mixed Media Collabrative” we built a paper mache doll base on bottles (Flora has a bubbly personality

since her bottle was a mini split of chamagne!) We took them home and altered and dressed them and brought them back to meet the group.

Flora has the top of a mint box attached to her chest which opens to reveal a “heart of gold” with a little magic on the side (tinkerbell charm)

Her hair is wool roving swirled into a bun adorned with pearl pins, antique lace headband and a jaunty green feather. She is dressed in delicate napkins and enhanced with more antique lace pieces.(thanks Carmen!)

Her carrys a fashionably large handbag that is made from another mint tin and glamed up with a coin from Japan.(thanks Susan!)