My first found object art piece…on a  past treasure hunt I had acquired the old oval frame and handless clock piece. I stashed them in my craft closet and waited for the right moment. Recently we made fusion paper

in our “Mixed Media Collabrative” monthly group meeting – when I brought theses papers home the wheels began to turn and I started pulling things out and playing. The rose was a thrift store find, the metal butterfly pin from a  museum gift shop and the dried flowers from my mother-in-laws house. This piece really evolved and I have to say I may not be the fastest at producing my art but I am happy with the outcome! I wanted to journal on it but held back (which is typical for me!) but I felt like the piece draws you in and you can form your own thoughts as you look at it rather than me directing you to a specific phrase…hope you will be inspired to give it your own title!